Skilled software engineer with 6+ years of experience, developing maintainable tech solutions with a breadth of technology stacks for sophisticated domains and large scale.


120142019Sharif University of TechnologySoftware Engineering (BEng degree)


  • Software Engineer at Glovo
    May 2021 till Now

    Glovois a delivery company operating in over 20 countries based in Barcelona.

    • Enable our data analysts to have better visibility on the assignment of orders to couriers by improving our data pipeline that uses technologies like Avro, Athena, S3, Glue, Kinesis, and Firehose.
    • Stabilize our assignment model in Spain which is different from other countries due to regulations.
    • Prioritize couriers for assignment to couriers based on their performance in some countries.
    • Decrease cost per order by allowing freelance couriers to handle Glovo express orders
    Tech Stack:
    • Java, Kotlin, Spring Boot
    • Jenkins, Docker, Datadog, Terraform, Ansible
    • AWS
    • MySql, Redise
  • Software Engineer at Balad (Hezardastan Group)
    Oct 2019 till May 2021

    Balad Mapsis Iran's leading map and navigation platform with more than 10 million users. A product ofHezardastan (Cafebazaar)Information Technology Development Group.

    • Increased team agility and user satisfaction by rewriting then improving the navigation engine.
    • Devised solutions for automatically and continuously doing quality assurance, guaranteeing safer release of the navigation engine.
    • Developed crowd-sourcing and feedback aggregation systems.
    Tech Stack:
    • Kotlin & Java, Golang, Python/Django
    • Ansible, Docker Swarm, GitlabCI, Grafana, Prometheus, StatsD
    • Kafka, RabbitMQ
    • Redis, Postgres
  • Software Engineer at Snapp
    May 2019 till Oct 2019

    With more than 20 million customers, 1 million drivers, and 2 million rides per day,Snappis the first and leading mobile and web-based ride-hailing platform in Iran.

    Crafted services for balancing supply and demand through making adjustments to prices, dynamically comparing and picking the best ETA provider, and sending SMS.

    Tech Stack:
    • Go
    • GitlabCI, Prometheus, Grafana, Openshift, Kubernetes
    • Kafka, RabbitMQ
    • Postgres, Redis
  • Software Engineer at Miare
    May 2017 till May 2019

    Miare is a B2B food delivery company that restaurants use for outsourcing their food delivery process.


    Having joined the company in its very early days, I played a key role in its transition to an established business by adding new subsystems, debugging highly sophisticated code, refactoring huge legacy codebases, and leading the way for designing new architectures of its new initiatives.

    Tech Stack:
    • Golang, Python/Django, Celery
    • Redis, Postgres
    • Ansible, GitlabCI
  • Member of Methodology Engineering Lab at Sharif University of Technology
    2017 till 2018

    I've conducted my BSc project on "Pattern-based development of cloud based applications" under supervision of Dr. Raman Ramsin.
  • Junior Java Developer at Idek
    Jun 2016 till Feb 2017

    Idek was a very small software development company. Started working there in the summer and in accordance with our initial agreement left after a few months to concentrate on university studies.Here is the game I was working on.

    Helped port parts of the backend of a game from Django to Java.

    Tech Stack:
    • Java, Jersey, Dropwizard
  • Junior Java Developer at Elenoon
    Aug 2015 till Nov 2015

    Elenoon was a company, developing enterprise solutions such as mail service.

    Extended our corporate Email solution with the option of sending/receiving SMS messages.

    Tech Stack:
    • Java, Spring Boot
  • Chemistry Teacher at Mouood, Imam Sadeq, Allame Helli11, etc

    I have taught general chemistry to students in several different schools in order to prepare them for Iranian National Chemistry Olympiad. I also wrote a book consisting of a collection of general chemistry problems which is published by the IRYSC publication.


Software ArchitectureGoKotlinJavaPythonSpringDjangoLinuxJavascriptReactGitAWSKubernetes

Honors and awards

Bronze medal in Iranian Chemistry Olympiad.


  • English: Full professional proficiency
  • Spanish: Limited Working proficiency
  • Persian: Native language